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Please visit me at YARRRRRN and BEEEEEADS - A Crochet and Beading Blog!

Feel free to browse this LJ, but I won't be putting any new posts here in the foreseeable future.

I WILL, however, be deleting any and all comments from spammers right away, as always.

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I'm on Twitter as smilingturtle2!  I tweet about crochet, beading, etsy, and random other stuff.  Please feel free to follow me if you'd like (I just might follow you, too).  :)

I've got some new stuff in The Smiling Turtle etsy store:

FAIR TRADE Bali silver earringsAmethyst and rose quartz braceletTanzanite Swarovski crystal earrings with iolite gemstones

And here's a preview of some earrings to be listed later:

FAIR TRADE Swarovski crystal and Bali sterling silver earringsFAIR TRADE Swarovski crystal and Bali gold vermeil bead earrings

Visit The Smiling Turtle!

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I've been making stitch markers again lately, because...Well...I bead, and I crochet. It just makes sense.

I'm selling them on etsy here.

As an aside, I am amazed at how many listings there are for stitch markers on etsy that come up when you type "crochet" as a keyword, that are not usable for crochet at all. Note to knitters: crocheters cannot use stitch markers that don't have hooks that open instead of closed rings.

The other day, I decided to make some Bali heart chandelier earrings for Valentine's Day with red Swarovski crystals. Here they are:

Bali Heart Chandeliers - Red

After that, I got inspired! I decided to try something a little different. I'm now calling these "Valentine Earrings," both because of the timing and because the chandelier findings are heart-shaped. :)

Valentine Earrings - REDValentine Earrings - Purple/LilacValentine Earrings - Light BlueValentine Earrings - Brown/Champagne

Fair trade sterling silver and Swarovski crystals. I'd love to keep them all, but I have more earrings than I have time to wear, and I can always make more of these! I'll list some on etsy when I get around to it.

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Here's one set of my lovely little stitch markers. These are the Butterfly Bumpies, as they are made with glass bumpy beads and metal butterfly beads. I love these--they're so bright and pretty! I have a soft spot for butterflies AND for bumpy beads, so of course I love them. I have 2 sets available on etsy, and 1 set for myself. ;)

I also made a set of Ladybugs (with these gorgeous Czech glass ladybug beads I got a while back), and a set of Autumn Leaves (more Czech glass, in fall colors).

Click here to visit them on etsy.

As of tonight, I have started making...(drumroll please)...stitch markers! :) Since I'm now selling yarn in my etsy store, I figured that it would be cool to make something crochet/knitting-related. Stitch markers are the perfect way to combine my love of beads with my love of crochet.

I will have to make some for myself, too! I have a whole bunch of "extra special" beads that will probably be good for that purpose...

Haven't taken any pictures of the ones I've made yet, but I'll definitely have them by the end of this weekend, and I'll post them here when I do.

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This is a close-up photo of a necklace I finished making last night. I love it so much that I don't think I will be able to sell it, even though I don't think I can afford to pay myself what it would sell for. ;)

Mookaite ovals, garnet teardrops, rectangular goldstone beads and red tiger eye rounds with gold vermeil Bali spacers. It's 26" long and has a gold-filled toggle clasp.

I've got a full photo of the necklace and a picture of a pair of matching earrings over at Flickr. :)

Look at the pretties I made today! :) (Well, I made all of them today except the tanzanite pair on the lower right.) I've listed them on etsy, along with a whole bunch of other pretty shiny handmade things that I've made.

Click here if you'd like to browse my etsy store.

I made this at least a week or two ago, but it's taken me this long to get around to posting it on Flickr. D'oh. ;)

It is currently my favorite necklace. I got most of the beads at a gem and mineral show last year, and dreamed up this necklace with the help of my fiance. Luckily, the idea stuck in my head for a while! I'm working on some goldstone earrings to match.

I don't think this is the best picture of it, but it's the best one I've got for now, so it'll do.

My mom and I went out together today, and had a great time. We decided to go to Beadworks, which opened its White Plains location fairly recently. The parking situation is pretty bad--you have to park at Stop & Shop--but it could be worse, especially in downtown WP. It's a nice store. I didn't buy much--just a really pretty purple shell pendant and some monofilament for stringing "illusion" necklaces (should be good with all those Mother of Pearl "donut" beads I have), and my mom paid for them, which was kind of her. She bought a strand of gorgeous turquoise chips that she can wear as a necklace, and it looks incredible doubled and twisted with a clasp. She also bought some beads that I am going to string for her. :)

The employees were very nice and quite helpful, which makes them head and shoulders above those at Beadworks' Norwalk store, in my opinion. They were pretty rude to me over there the last time I went, so I had my misgivings about the WP store; I was pleasantly surprised today. I will have to Yelp about them.

I wasn't exactly blown away by their selection of gemstone beads or Czech beads, but they do have a lot of really nice African beads and glass beads and sead beads, and quite a bit of other stuff. I hope they will give the local Michaels and Wal-Mart a run for their money (though I know, in my heart of hearts, that it will probably be the other way around--grrrr at corporate America).

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